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Presently, Independent Research Group (IRG) has several active research projects in low Reynolds number hydrodynamics and we are promoting the uptake of our findings via software development and book writing under Research and Development Group Uptake (IRGU). Our interests span broadly within the scope of the projects listed in the right column.   

Our work is being conducted with our own funds and resources.  We are presently looking for funds to continue our research efforts.

Clients to IRG are industry sectors or companies interested in our research for solving problems of their interest with specific goals and/or an interest in providing an incentive to boost our research effort in specific areas of their interest.  

Entities or individuals interested in our research can also make a contribution.  Voluntary contributions or donations to IRG will impact our costs directly and are considered not for profit.  These contributions can also be made with an specific goal or project.

In low Reynolds number hydrodynamics 

  • Settling velocity of isolated spherical aggregates 
  • Dynamics of the ambient fluid expansion about settling objects and the influence of temperature
  • Permeability
  • Issues in measurements of sedimentation velocities in creeping motion 

For broad application in geotechnical engineering and other fields

  • Morphology model for clay particles for use in engineering

In higher Reynolds number

  • Study of the fluid dynamics about a moving sphere in the kinetic regime

Other interests

  • Geotechnical engineering
  • Microfluidics
  • Hindered Sedimentation
  • Electrophoresis